Workshop 1

1st CREEP Workshop

27-31 January 2016

Sète, France


The 1st CREEP Workshop was organized from 27.01.2016 to 31.01.2016 in Sète, France where scientific exchanges took place between senior scientists, industrial partners and young researchers. All ESRs recruited to this date, as well as 7 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral fellows external to the CREEP network attended the workshop. CREEP senior researchers presented state-of-the-art oral presentations on the different domains covered by CREEP, namely: “Mantle dynamics and plate tectonics”, “Faults rheology and dynamics”, and “Applied rheology”. These presentations were complemented by 3-minute oral presentations by the ESRs and the external young researchers on their research projects, which introduced very animated posters sessions. The meeting was concluded by a “restitution” session featured by the CREEP and external ESRs. Divided in three groups (one per theme above), the ESRs presented a restitution of the presentations and discussions held during the workshop, which served as a basis for further discussions allowing to clarify any poorly understood point in the presentations.


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