Impressions of my first time at the AGU Fall meeting (Dec 2018)

Lives on Earth need a sustainable environment. But we are living in a world full of challenges, and our living environment is facing danger of unrecoverable pollution, shortage of energy, and global warming. And we have continuous problems with tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslide and other nature hazards. Geoscientists are exploring for better understanding of those complex nature phenomenon to help people make better decisions.

‘What science stands for?’ This was the topic of the AGU fall meetingof 2018.

AGU 2018 fall meetingwas held at the Washington convention center, 10 – 14, Dec.


Gathering over 24,000 scientists and students, the AGU 2018 fall meeting had 30 sections, covering researches from Earth’s deep interior to Ocean and to surface processes, and from Earth to Space. Thousands of high quality geoscience presentations from all over the world were shown. It’s definitely the most exciting week for geoscientists.

Abstracts of all these presentations can be found here. AGU awarded over 60 honorary lectures. Some of which were true highlights for me. William L Ellsworthgave this year’s Gutenberg lecture, addressing key findings from induced seismicity in the US. Byron D Tabley gave the Bowie lecture, presenting a review of time varying gravity measurements with the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission.

One talk in the Seismology section

Oral sessions are exciting with great researches and large audiences, while the poster hall was immense, and very well organized.

Poster hall in the 2nd conference morning (over 8000 posters were presented every day)

In the poster hall there were an amazing amount of wonderful presentations.  I found the round tables in the corners were such a good inspiration, where so many people sat and talked about research and collaborations! At that moment, I saw the real value of this conference, gathering and connecting scientists from all around the world!

We, Earth scientists, explore the unknown based on our curiosity. At AGU, I saw that together we are standing for the amazingly fantastic creatures and their habitat environment on our Earth!


Wen Zhou, 16 Feb 2019




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