ESR4 – Giacomo Pozzi

11080464_10205287060088779_6792517015238216033_oNationality: Italian

CREEP host institution: Durham University, UK

Background: I graduated in Padova University obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Geologic Sciences and master’s degree in Geology and Technical Geology. The topic of both my B.Sc. and M.Sc theses is a multidisciplinary study of the Tertiary pegmatite field of the Central Alps. In few years of research this project led to the collection of a significative amount of structural, mineralogical and geochronological data that led to the publication of a first paper on the Canadian Mineralogist ( and upcoming future publications.

Research interest: I’m interested in many branches of geology, especially structural geology, petrology and mineralogy (which is – I believe – and addiction).



CREEP project: My current research focuses on the rheology of fault gouges and the role of their mineralogy, the microstructural evolution and the physical parameters in controlling the weakening of faults during earthquake propagation (v>1m/s). Our goal is to shed light on a still uncomplete understanding of the mechanisms that lead to fault lubrication, trying to link micro- and nanoscale processes to a macroscopic bulk behaviour. Our apporach involves laboratory experiments, thorough microstructural analisys and data elaboration with physical tools.

Supervisors: dr. Nicola De Paola1, dr. Stefan Nielsen1 and prof. Robert E. Holdsworth1

 1  Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University, Durham, UK

Sorry for the long post, have a nice brookite!


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