ESR7 – Gianluca Gerardi

Foto_Curriculum2Nationality: Italian

CREEP host institution: FAST (CNRS/University Paris-Sud), France

Background: I have earned my bachelor and master degree in Chemical and Sustainable Process Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy), focusing my studies in technologies for renewable energy production.
In my bachelor thesis, I studied the impact on a specific territory in terms of  biogas and/or compost production related to the treatment of the biodegradable fraction of municipal waste . Instead, for my master thesis,  I spent one year at Italian Institute of Technology  (Turin, Italy) working on the development of a photoelectrochemical cell for the sun-driven water splitting (S. Hernandez, G. Gerardi, K. Bejtka, A.Fina, N. Russo, Appl.Catal B:Environ. 190 (2016))

Research interest: During the educational journey of my last years, I became interested in the broad field of fluid dynamics. I find extremely fascinating the analytical modelling and the numerical approach used to investigate the different types of flow. I believe that the development of efficient numerical and experimental methods in this scientific field is crucial for a better understanding of natural phenomena, as well as for the design of  sustainable industrial processes

CREEP project: The aim of this PhD project is to understand the origin and morphology of convective instabilities in colloidal dispersions.  The project will involve laboratory experiments using thermoreversible colloidal dispersions, with a focus on the conditions required for one-sided subduction, as well as analytical modeling using a rheology based on the extensive rheometrical database built up at FAST since 2010. As a first research problem, a numerical simulation based on the Boundary-Element Method will be developed in order to elucidate the dynamics of two plates interacting along the subduction interface

Supervisors: 1 Neil Ribe, 1Anne Davaille, 2Boris Kaus, 3Francesca Funiciello

1 FAST (CNRS/University Paris-Sud), France
2 JGU University of Mainz, Germany
3 Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy

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