Project Objectives

CREEP principal objectives are to:

1. to advance our understanding of the complex rheology of Earth and industrial materials and its consequences to our planet dynamics, including natural and induced seismicity, to the production of fossil or renewable energy production, or on industrial applications using a fully multidisciplinary approach (mineral physics, petrology, seismology, geodynamics) spanning the whole range of spatial scales involved, from the nanoscale to global mantle dynamics;

2. to train 16 early-stage researchers (ESRs) in state-of-the-art concepts and leading-edge research techniques that are essential to study the rheological behaviour of complex materials and their consequences to a large variety of Earth and industrial processes, while providing them strong career-management skills and solid professional connections;

3. to increase the impact and international visibility of European research by establishing a long-term synergistic partnership among 10 internationally recognized academic research teams in complementary fields of Earth Sciences, two non-profit organizations, and 10 industrial partners.


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