ESR14 – Thomas Loriaux


tomNationality: Belgian

Creep Host Institution: University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Background: After completing a master degree in Physical Geography at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, I started to work as a research assistant in a glaciology institute. I focused my work on glacier and ice dynamic.

Creep project – Seismic methods to estimate the strength of cracks and fractures: My current research aims to better understand the controls on induced seismicity in oil and geothermal reservoirs.  Fracture-induced anisotropy can be monitored using microseismic data in order to characterise the flowing properties of such reservoirs. A specific interest is in recently developed methods to estimate fracture compliance, which is a key indicator of permeability in these settings.

Supervisors: Michael Kendall1, James Wookey1, Max Werner1, James Verdon1

1University of Bristol, United Kingdom


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