ESR12 – Beatriz Martinez Montesinos

Natio20160319_104334nality: Spanish

CREEP host institution: University of Mainz, Germany

Group link:

Background: I hold a bachelor and a master degree in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona. The previous two years I worked as a Research Assistant in the Seismology Laboratory of the School of Geological Sciences at the University College Dublin (Ireland) under the Marie Curie ITN project NEMOH (Numerical, Experimental and stochastic Modelling of vOlcanic processes and Hazard). Before that, I worked as software developer in the IT sector.

CREEP project: My project consist of developing new software to model hydrofracturing in heterogeneous viscoelastoplastic rocks in 3D using massively parallel high-performance computers. The aim is to understand how stress states and heterogeneities affect crack propagation.

Supervisor: B. Kaus1 (JGU, DE)

Secondment supervisors: K. Plenkers2 (GMuG, DE) and M. Kendall3 (University of Bristol, UK)

Collaborator: H. Deckert4 (IGEM, DE)


2 GMuG, DE

3 University of Bristol, UK


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